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Welcome to the
Advocates for ​Seniors, LC website.

​Our mission is to help seniors preserve their assets, legal rights and dignity-in-aging through high-quality case management and legal assistance.

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We help with legal, financial and health-related matters when family and friends can't.

Health Care Advocacy

Our health care advocacy team acts as case managers to coordinate communication between medical staff, residential communities, our clients, and their families.

We specialize in memory care case management. From the first diagnosis through the progression of the disease, our social workers and legal staff will connect you with the resources you need to understand the stages and related symptoms, and get the best possible care for your loved one. We make sure your legal documents are current and cover all of your needs. You will have access to an attorney when you need one.

We go to the doctor with you to take notes and ensure that your questions are answered, and that the doctor’s information is clearly communicated. We also guide you in making good choices in moves to independent or assisted living. The options can be overwhelming. Our specialists stay current with changes in senior care and will help you determine what you need.

Financial Services

​Our financial services team prepares tax returns for individuals, estates and trusts. We also monitor investment accounts to ensure that our clients’ assets are invested in the most suitable products for their circumstances.

For more information on how Advocates for Seniors, LC can help you, please take a look at our video, order our Guide to End of Life Planning,
​and browse through our website.

Legal Services

​We are paralegals and do not provide legal advice. However, we help match our clients with attorneys who provide them with the legal counsel that is most appropriate for them.

We also assist in preparing estate planning documents and provide paralegal services to administer probate and trust estates. We help our clients get the most current business and health care powers of attorney and HIPAA forms. Our legal team also assists with guardianship proceedings. We act as successor trustees, executors and guardians.